ChromoQuant® QF-PCR kits for fast and accurate diagnostics


ChromoQuant® solution

QF-PCR and PCR kits for prenatal and male infertility diagnostics

QF-PCR means Quantitative Fluorescent Polymerase Chain Reaction. In the ChromoQuant® kits it is used to quantify the number of targeted chromosomes.

Fluorescently labelled primers are used to amplify relevant Short Tandem Repeat (STR) regions from DNA, using standard PCR. The amount of fluorescently labelled amplicons are measured after fragment length separation in capillary electrophoresis.

ChromoQuant® has been thoroughly validated, was clinically introduced in early 2004 and is used world wide.

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Software analytics

Powerful analytics and simple report management using GeneMarker™ and GeneMapper®

Cybergene support both software solutions. Panels and templates are supplied for all kits and can be accessed directly on the website.

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