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Detection of micro deletions in the Y chromosome; AZFa, AZFb and AZFc

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ChromoQuant® AZF

The ChromoQuant® AZF PCR kit is developed for fast and accurate routine diagnosis of micro deletions in the Y chromosome. The core set of markers will detect almost all clinically relevant deletions and over 95% of the deletions reported in the literature in the three AZF regions and is sufficient for routine diagnostics.

Heterochromatin marker is included in the core set of markers to check for terminal deletion. Two extension sets with markers for determination of the extent of the deletion in AZFa and b respectively, are also included in the kit.

Simple lab workflow deliver fast results within 6 hour with minimal risk of human error.


ChromoQuant® AZF

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Intended use In vitro diagnostics for diagnosis of micro deletions in the
Y chromosome; AZFa, AZFb and AZFc
No. of markers 17 markers in total
Kit sizes (tests) 32 tests for AZFa, b, c – core set. single tube test
10 tests for extended diagnosis of AZFa and AZFb, two tubes
Required instruments Standard PCR & Capillary electrophoresis instrument
Software  Supports Genemapper™ and GeneMarker®

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