Integrity policy

Processing of personal data

Personal data (name, phone number and email) are saved in our CRM system. 

Purpose of storing personal data

The purpose of storing the personal data is to be able to respond and follow up on requests sent to Cybergene. Also for future relevant marketing.

How can I access the stored information?

If you want to access what information is stored contact; Joakim Grånemo,

How can I erase or edit stored information?

If you want to erase/edit stored information contact; Joakim Grånemo,

How do I recall my consent to store information?

Contact; Joakim Grånemo,

How long is the information stored?

As long as CyberGene needs the data to provide relevant information about its products

Contact information to personal data controller

Responsible company receiving the personal data

CyberGene AB